Price: $2.99

The vanilla scented candle is perfect for almost any occasion.


Price: $2.99

You'll go strawberries from smelling this candle because our strawberry scent is so sweet.

Ocean Breeze

Price: $2.99

Relax by lighting the candle and let the smooth ocean fragrance calm your senses.


Price: $2.99

The rose scented candle was made for lovers. Light it and watch the warm glow come alive!


Price: $2.99

The scent of fresh Magnolias in your home will make you think you had blossoms everywhere.


Price: $2.99

Melt your stress away with our scent of lavender candle.

green tea

Price: $2.99

Relax with the scent of green tea.

Hot apple pie

Price: $2.99

Enjoy the holidays with our hot apple pie scented candle.

orange creamsicle

Price: $2.99

Wonderful aroma of orange creamsicle.

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